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Horizontal 20rpm SKF Bearing Permanent Magnet Alternator

Horizontal 20rpm SKF Bearing Permanent Magnet Alternator

SKF Bearing Permanent Magnet Alternator

20rpm Permanent Magnet Alternator

Horizontal Permanent Magnet Alternator

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Product Details
Rated Power:
Rated Rotate Speed:
Winding Material:
100% Copper
Shaft Material:
Generator Material:
Aluminium Body+Cooper Wire
SKF Bearing
Horizontal / Vertical
Wending Method:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Set
Packaging Details
Foam + Plywooden Case
Delivery Time
20-25 working days
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
400 sets per month
Product Description

20rpm-3000rpm SKF bearing permanent magnet alternator


Permanent magnet alternator
Permanent magnet alternators are usually used to generate electricity. The automotive alternator converted to permanent magnet type is used for household wind generators, hydroelectric power generation and self-made backup generators. Common automotive alternators use electromagnet-driven rotors to turn the alternator on and off. Permanent magnet alternators have permanent magnets instead of rotor cores wound by electromagnetic wires.
The reason why cars use an electromagnetic rotor core is because they can use it to control the output of the alternator. The use of a voltage regulator can control the voltage sent to the electromagnetic rotor core. With a permanent magnet alternator, you will not be able to control the output of the alternator, because it does not have a voltage stabilizer or solenoid winding core to control the alternator.
The control of a permanent magnet alternator is usually done by changing the speed of the alternator. With a permanent magnet alternator, the faster the alternator rotates, the more power the alternator generates.
What are the advantages of permanent magnet alternators in wind energy applications?
Direct drive (no speed increaser, no gearbox required)
No maintenance
Highest power-to-weight ratio in direct drive
high efficiency
Simplify mechanical design
Simple mechanical interface
Cost optimization
Wind turbines are usually equipped with asynchronous generators that need to double the speed of the rotor in order to generate the desired electrical power. Compared with asynchronous generators, permanent magnet alternators are very compact, and because the rotor is directly driven, mechanical integration can be simplified. The efficiency of permanent magnet synchronous alternators is higher than that of asynchronous generators.
The application of wind turbines is growing-the cost of generating 1 kW per hour of wind energy is the cheapest renewable energy source


Technical Data
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Horizontal 20rpm SKF Bearing Permanent Magnet Alternator 0

Features of 50kw permanent magnet generator
Low startup speed;
Low torque
Gearless, direct drive, low-speed generator.
Suitable for all environments
Excellent heat dissipation
High-quality bearings and magnets are easy to dissipate heat and maintain magnetism.
The designed service life is 20 years.
0.5KW 20rpm~400rpm 12V~220Vac 10Hz~60Hz
1KW 20rpm~600rpm 12V~220Vac 10Hz~60Hz
2KW 20rpm~1000rpm 12V~400Vac 10Hz~60Hz
3KW 20rpm~1500rpm 48V~690Vac 10Hz~60Hz
5KW 20rpm~1500rpm 48V~690Vac 10Hz~60Hz
10KW 20rpm~1500rpm 120V~690Vac 10Hz~60Hz
15KW 20rpm~3000rpm 120V~690Vac 10Hz~60Hz
20KW 20rpm~3000rpm 120V~690Vac 10Hz~60Hz
25KW 20rpm~3000rpm 120V~1140Vac 10Hz~60Hz
30KW 20rpm~3000rpm 120V~1140Vac 10Hz~60Hz
50KW 20rpm~3000rpm 220V~1140Vac 10Hz~60Hz
80KW 20rpm~3000rpm 220V~1140Vac 10Hz~60Hz
100KW 20rpm~3000rpm 220V~1140Vac 10Hz~60Hz
150KW 20rpm~3000rpm 380V~1140Vac 10Hz~60Hz
200KW 20rpm~3000rpm 380V~1140Vac 10Hz~60Hz
250KW 20rpm~3000rpm 380V~1140Vac 10Hz~60Hz
300KW 20rpm~3000rpm 380V~1140Vac 10Hz~60Hz
500KW 20rpm~3000rpm 380V~1140Vac 10Hz~60Hz
700KW 20rpm~3000rpm 690V~1140Vac 10Hz~60Hz
800KW 20rpm~3000rpm 690V~1140Vac 10Hz~60Hz
1MW 200rpm~3000rpm 690V~1140Vac 10Hz~60Hz
2MW 200rpm~3000rpm 690V~1140Vac 10Hz~60Hz
3MW 200rpm~3000rpm 690V~1140Vac 10Hz~60Hz
4MW 600rpm~3000rpm 690V~1140Vac 10Hz~60Hz
5MW 600rpm~3000rpm 690V~1140Vac 10Hz~60Hz

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